Here for anyone who wants to stay in good mental health.

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About Us

For over 40 years the Canterbury Care Centre has been there for anyone who wants to stay in good mental health.

We were formed following the closure of Brookwood Hospital when it became clear that there was a real need for a place where people could go to help in their recovery, but without the formalities.

Our ethos has not changed since then. Members still do not need a referral and we focus on providing a friendly and inclusive environment for everyone. All the activities we offer are free and our staff and volunteers are always available for a chat.

Based in Guildford, in the very same building we started in all those years ago, we are proud to be part of the network of local charities in the town.

Over 100

Members that attend regularly  and benefit from our service​


The year the Canterbury Care Centre was founded


Members of staff. We are very lucky to also have many more volunteers

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